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Rhetoric intensifies on both sides of El Paso Climate Charter debate ahead of May 6 vote

May 3, 2023 - 10:59 AM

May 1, 2023

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With the May 6 charter election just around the corner, rhetoric is heating up on both sides of the debate around the El Paso Climate Charter, easily the most contentious item on the coming ballot.

Opponents have gone on the offensive, sending out a mountain of mailers decrying the proposal as “irresponsible” and the “worst idea ever” and plastering the city with billboards splashed with the slogan “No Way on Prop K.”

Mailers from the Houston-based Consumer Energy Alliance and the El Paso Chamber-backed El Pasoans for Prosperity PAC have been cropping up in mailboxes across the Sun City in recent weeks.

Supporters, meanwhile, have gotten a boost of support from the El Paso County Democratic Party and a new study from University of Texas professors debunking much of the El Paso Chamber’s earlier economic feasibility study.

Further, climate activists have gone on the attack with an ethics complaint against City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, alleging he and other city officials have improperly used city resources to oppose the climate proposal.

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