Nonprofit Solar Giveaway Program

Frontera Solar Energy Program

Eco El Paso is proud to present our Frontera Solar Energy Program! Our Frontera Solar Energy Program will focus on giving away FREE solar energy systems to nonprofits in need across the El Paso Region. Later we will expand this program to residential and commercial customers but it will be focused on local nonprofits as a starting point.  We will provide the funding to install free solar energy systems, which will assist nonprofits so they can apply those monthly savings toward their core mission and projects. Solar energy starts to save you money on your electricity bills on day one!

Nonprofit Solar Energy Giveaway Program

Our focus at first will be to work with local nonprofits in need within the El Paso region that own their building / property. These solar energy systems will save the nonprofits money on their electric bill for decades to come so they can put that money towards their core operations and mission focus. Nonprofits do so much great work in our region by serving others, and this is our chance to serve them and give back clean sustainable energy for their local operations. Although going solar is easier than ever for residential and commercial customers with numerous financing options available nationwide, nonprofits tend to have a harder time finding financing options for solar, raising the money to buy solar, and usually can’t take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit for solar energy customers. Eco El Paso wants to help our local nonprofits GO GREEN! We will raise the money, partner with local solar installation companies to provide the labor and labor warranty, work with manufacturers and distributors on product donations for the system, and we’ll get the system fully installed, inspected, and turned on so you can start producing your own clean electricity for your nonprofit.  

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Program Overview

Below are a few details about the Frontera Solar Energy Program by Eco El Paso. Please complete the application at the bottom of this page to nominate your nonprofit for this new program. Thank you!

Program Rules

  1. You must be a registered nonprofit.
  2. You must own your facility / property.
  3. Your nonprofit must serve the local community.
  4. You do not already have solar energy.
  5. You have a history of Electric Bills to show the need for the energy.
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Why do we need more Solar Energy in the El Paso region?

By providing local nonprofits with clean, reliable, solar energy, we can assist these nonprofits for decades by saving them money every month on their electric bills so they can put those funds toward their core operations and mission focus. Our entire community benefits every time a solar panel is installed locally.

  1. Monthly Energy Cost Savings
  2. Energy Independence
  3. Clean Energy
  4. Cleans our Air
  5. Reduces Peak Demand
  6. Solar brings local jobs
  7. Benefits the entire community
  8. Clean source of self funding
  9. Less reliance on dirty power plants
  10. Solar is the future!
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Nonprofit Solar Giveaway Program