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Million Trees El Paso, a program by Eco El Paso

Eco El Paso is proud to present our newest program, Million Trees El Paso! Million Trees El Paso is a program with an ambitious goal: to plant and care for at least one million new native trees across the city in the next 10 years! The goal is to restore the “tree canopy cover”—the area of land shaded by trees—in the Greater El Paso, TX region.

Please send us your questions or volunteer contact info and we will let you know about our first meeting to kickoff this effort!


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Program Overview

Below are a few details about the Million Trees EP program by Eco El Paso. This is only a starting guide that will develop over time with your help, guidance, and feedback.


Our primary focus will be in Residential communities, especially those that are underserved. We can plant trees along roads in all residential areas as long as we get approval from the homeowner first. Homeowners need to know that they will be responsible for regular maintenance as the trees age. Homeowners are required to water the trees to keep them alive and take care of them year round in order to participate. We will start with Residential neighborhoods and slowly branch out. Can you recommend an underserved community in El Paso that would benefit from this program? We would like local neighborhood advocates to help guide us to what is best for their neighborhood since this is not a one size fits all program and we'll work with each community to find a solution that works best for them, not our agenda.


Commercial properties are a secondary effort. If you know any commercial property owners who want to participate, then we’ll add them to our list of locations for planting but they must also tend to the trees year round the same as residential participants. We will start with Residential neighborhoods and slowly branch out. Can you recommend an underserved community in El Paso that would benefit from this program

No TXDot Locations

We can’t plant trees on major roads such as Mesa Dr. for example. Those are owned by TXDoT, not the city, and if our program takes off, the City and Park and Rec department will setup a meeting with TXDoT in the future to discuss tree planting efforts on the roads they own.


We want to work with other nonprofits, local businesses, and citizens, to support this initiative to get more people involved to raise funds, volunteer their time and labor, and these will be tax deductible donations since we're a 501(c)3 nonprofit at Eco El Paso.

Next Steps

This program is in the early stages, it will develop over time, and we will have a committee to work on this program. The committee will be made up of Eco El Paso Board Members to organize the initiative, but we want local citizens to help us drive the committee. Send us your info and you’ll be added to our email list for meetings.

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Why are trees important to our environment and El Paso?

Trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, secure the land from erosion, provide habitat to biodiversity, provide jobs, medicines, absorb carbon, and help reduce climate change and global warming.

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Land
  4. Biodiversity
  5. Social Impact
  6. Health
  7. Climate Change

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