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Eco El Paso's Annual Conference

Eco El Paso is proud to present our Annual Conference each year in October focusing on sustainability education for professionals (Architects, Engineers, Solar Engineers, etc.) and for the general public. Our focus is on Engineers and Architects since we offer various types of professional continuing education credits for attending this event (CEU, CNU, etc.). We also welcome Students and the General Public to attend this event at a highly reduced price so we encourage students, parents of students, and teachers to attend this event. You will not only learn more about sustainability but you will also learn about career paths within the clean energy industry and the green building and design industries

14th Annual Conference - April 27 & 28, 2022

In 2022, we are proud to present our 14th Annual Conference - Green Infrastructure & Transportation - on April 27th and 28th from 12:45pm to 5:45pm each day. This will be an in-person event with limited seating capacity (40 seats only) as well as an Online. We will be providing Continuing Education Credits to Architects and Engineers who require it as well as tickets for the General Public and Free tickets for students. Join us!

Join Eco El Paso for our 14th Annual Conference - Green Infrastructure & Transportation

We welcome you to join Eco El Paso for our 14th Annual Conference, in-person and online/virtual for those that can't attend. This year we will have limited capacity onsite. Buy your ticket today!

April 27th & 28th - 12:45pm to 5:45pm Mountain Time Zone

In-Person and Online Event

EVENT LINK - 14th Annual Conference

14th Annual Conference Tickets

CEU (CNU/AIA) - $75 (In-Person Attendee. Only 40 seats available)

CEU (CNU/AIA) - $75 (Online Only)

Non CEU / General Public - $25 (Online Only)

Students - FREE (Online Only)    Please email us your first and last name to register for the free online event.


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