Eco El Paso is dedicated to fostering a learning environment for sustainable systems and life styles while integrating workforce and economic development concepts.

New Directions

In 2014 Eco El Paso expanded and diversified its mission, the board of directors and committees to include other professional and business groups, educational institutions, community groups, and other public and private entities interested in promoting sustainable practices in our desert region. Eco El Paso is striving to create venues for discussion and collaboration on how El Paso will build-out its future.

Under this expanded umbrella Eco El Paso envisions cooperating with other groups with similar goals and objectives to promote, and educate, and to serve as a vehicle for discovery, learning and integration of sustainable and regenerative life practices. We aspire to define, in collaboration with others, regionally appropriate built environments that are healthy, original, and ecologically sound with a focus on locally and regionally sourced resources that include both humans and materials.